Odd Fellows Recording is an audio recording studio built in a former Odd Fellows Hall in East Weymouth, Massachusetts (25 minutes south of Boston). The building was originally built as an opera house/ Odd Fellows meeting hall in 1889 and saw the rise of Vaudeville, musical theater, silent and talking pictures.

Live room: 35×50′ with 17′ ceilings.

Comfortable Control Room

Full kitchen

Off street parking

Short walk from East Weymouth commuter rail stop on Greenbush line. Also close to the world famous 222 bus route from Quincy Center station on the Red Line (about 25 minute ride from Quincy Center)

Owner/Engineer: Jerry MacDonald. Experience in many facets of recording from precise classical (hundreds of location recordings) to blown out distorted tape machine rock and roll studio recordings.

Contact: info@oddfellowsrecording.com

1245 commercial st weymouth ma 02189


Recordings made here:

Ken Ueno (Jerry MacDonald)

Ehnahre (Jerry MacDonald)

Rumble Bees (Jerry MacDonald)

Angela Savvas (Jeremy Mendicino)

The Gil Correia Blues Band (Jerry MacDonald)

Ghost Box Orchestra (Dan Gonzales)

Fashion Snake (Dan Gonzales)

The Monsieurs (Jerry MacDonald)

Bugs and Rats (recorded by Kellzo)

Invisible Homes “One on the Skyline” (recorded by David Sullivan)

Mind Open (recorded by David Sullivan)

Malibu Gaze (recorded by Mike Gintz)

Hex Map (recorded by Mike Gintz)

Girlfriends,Midnite Rage,Lady Pilot, Thick Shakes,Ex Planets (Jerry MacDonald)

Recordings made at the old studio

Girlfriends,Thick Shakes,Gracious Calamity,Christians and Lions,Tunnel of Love,Ramona Cordova,The Hospital Rats,The Snow Fairies,Rob Roman (Superglue),The Spoils,Callous Stars, The Needy Visions, others